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Our dedicated staff of RMV Appeal Attorneys will work hard to get you back on the road LEGALLY.

With the harsh consequences associated with Operating After Suspension / Revocation, why drive on a suspended or revoked license when you may be able to get a Hardship License or a full license reinstatement?

If your license was suspended or revoked for OUI, DWI, DUI and you are found operating a motor vehicle, you will likely be arrested. If you       do not have a hardship license, this offense carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 60 days imprisonment.

A Massachusetts Hardship      License will allow you to drive     legally for a fixed 12 hour period   each day. Also, if  your are found operating outside of your designated hours, a hardship license will    reduce the charge from Operating After Suspension / Revocation to    the less serious charge of   Unlicensed Operation. © 2007
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Mass. RMV Attorneys, Registry of Motor Vehicles, Hardship License

Appeal your Suspension or Get a Hardship License.


MASS. RMV Appeal Attorneys

Each of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Appeal Attorneys is a qualified and experienced legal practitioner. These lawyers are knowledgeable about the complex laws and regulations governing hardship license eligibility in Massachusetts. They each have proven track records of success in both the Massachusetts Courts and with the Commonwealth’s administrative agencies. We offer rapid e-mail and telephone response to your inquiries.  

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau

Attorney Simoneau has several years of both Law Enforcement and Legal Experience. He is well versed in the statutes, regulations, and procedures associated with Massachusetts License Suspensions, Revocations, and Reinstatements. He has handled cases not only before the Registry of Motor Vehicles, but also before the Division of Insurance, Board of Appeal, various district & superior courts, and the Massachusetts Appeals Court. In addition to his legal experience, he has several years of experience as a police officer. Attorney Simoneau graduated Cum Laude from the Massachusetts School of Law. E-Mail Attorney Simoneau or call him at 508-656-0057.


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